‘Smell My Cash’ : Holly Willoughby teases Phillip Schofield with her wealth?


‘Smell My Cash’: Holly Willoughby teases Phillip Schofield with her wealth?

Is she showing off her wealth?

This Morning’s Holly Willoughby and Craig Doyle reacted to a rude hashtag, which began trending during Monday’s show.

The unexpected hashtag on X, formerly known as Twitter, emerged after Kate Lawler told a security guard to ‘smell my cash!’

The former Big Brother star was hosting the competition prize segment, while standing with a clear box containing £1million in cash.

Holding a wedge in her hand, Kate shoved it in the security guards face and demanded: ‘Smell my cash!’ before accidentally dropping the money on the floor.

Holly, 42, quipped: ‘I bet ”smell my cash” will be trending by the end of the show,’ while viewers quickly took to social media in there droves, where they tweeted a crude hashtag version of Kate’s demand.

A while later, following an adverts break, Holly and Craig giggled as they made viewers at home aware that they’d seen the hashtag.

Craig admitted: ‘Funny though! Well done Twitter,’ and confessed he was open to callers using the naughty hashtag as the Spin to Win passphrase, with Holly swiftly shutting down the idea, telling him: ‘Don’t you dare say that!’

Previously it was reported that ITV chiefs are ready to offer Holly Willoughby £1million a year to be This Morning’s jewel in the crown. She makes her big return on September 4.

It comes after Holly was totally ditched by her former This Morning co-host Philip Schofield as he recently removed photographs of the pair from his Instagram account.

Despite it all, Holly seems carefree as she shared a glimpse of her summer on her website, Wylde Moon. 

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