Best Hunting Backpacks with Bow Holder

Best Hunting Backpacks with Bow Holder – Buyer’s Guide 2021

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Since the craze for outdoor activities is rapidly increasing gradually. Thus, hunting is becoming one of the most exciting and popular outdoor activities/sport that most people are engaged in. And when it comes to hunting gears they are the most essential aspect of the hunt. There are many hunting gears that you may need to carry but the key ones are a gun, a bow, boots, or knives, etc. People use different gears/weapons to hunt their prey, either you hunt with a Gun or a Bow it’s up to your choice but to hold your Bow and gun, you need the best hunting backpacks with bow holder.

Indeed, your backpack is your best companion because it allows you to comfortably keep your bows, guns, and other gears safe to carry in the wild.

Due to the growing passion for outdoor activities, many companies are manufacturing different accessories according to the adventure needs. Whereas, due to the beneficial and user-friendly feature, one of the most demanding items need for outdoor ventures is the backpacks for hunting.

A hunting backpack varies between every hunter, some like to carry everything and others may just want some main equipment like a bow, a quiver, gun, or some necessary survival equipment. All they want is, to free their hands in their adventure activity.

Having the backpack will facilitate you by swallowing all the things you need so you don’t face any difficulty either you are walking or traveling or carrying something. So, hunting backpacks with bow holder or any other gear is a must-have need if you want to hunt with ease and comfort and want to make your hunting experience optimal and worth remembering.

Meanwhile, there are dozens of backpacks available but there are some specific backpacks specially designed to accommodate hunting equipment like a bow, gun, quiver, clothes, map, and so on. While buying the bow hunting backpack make sure, it should be able enough to carry all your hunting gear comfortably. Secondly, you can easily access the stored gears when needed.

Let’s just begin with the quick Table of Content.

Best Bow Hunting Backpacks To Buy in 2021:

Since there are dozens of backpack made for a different type of hunters and if you love to hunt with a bow you’ve come to the right place. Hunting backpacks with bow holder comes in many shapes, sizes, or prizes and you may find it tough to pick one for you.

But after detailed research, we’ve put together a list of Best Hunting Backpacks with Bow Holder so you can easily find one for you. These backpacks will easily carry your Bows or guns and other necessary equipment.

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Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack

Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack

TENZING TX Voyager Bow Hunting Backpack

TENZING TX Voyager Bow Hunting Backpack

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Backpacks With Gun and Bow Holder

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Backpacks With Gun and Bow Holder

Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack

Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack

Vision hunting backpacks with bow holder

Vision hunting backpacks with bow holder

TENZING Hangtime Hunting Day Pack

TENZING Hangtime Hunting Day Pack


The Sitka mountain hauler 4000 bow hunting backpack


1-Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack

Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack

Backpack Description:

The Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack would be our first suggestion in the list of Best Hunting Backpacks With Bow Holder. Its’ been 25 years since it was introduced and every year Badlands ensures more improvement and features. And to enhance mobility, this year alone they made almost 25 improvements, including a durable magnesium frame, a tighter, slightly lower center of gravity, a weight-loss program, and so on.

Whether you are a bow or rifle hunter this badlands backpack is a splendid pack, comes with high-quality material that lasts long, plenty of space to store all necessary hunting gear like, a bow, gun, or a pistol – whatever you need, and highly comfortable while on our back and shoulders.

The bow hunting backpack is made with insanely tough KXO-50 FABRIC to survive in every environment and it’s absolutely waterproof so that you can prevent your gear from any tears and water damage during your treks.

Also, Its camo pattern fabric provides a stylish look and blends well with the wild environment. further, if you are looking for hunting backpacks for hauling meat so it has this capability too to store meat in its inbuilt meat hauler.

Moreover, It features multiple pockets, compartments, and straps so you can take maximum hunting tools with you. as it comes with a total of 2250 cubic inches carrying capacity including almost 8 capacious pockets. Badlands also contains a detachable Rifle/Bow holder and the batwing straps on the back that securely carry your rifle or bow, and free your hands.

However, its internal T-6 aircraft aluminum frame doesn’t let you worried about the weight of the stuff. It’s well structures design evenly distribute the weight down to your hips via the molded foam suspension that provides comfort even when stuffed.

we would highly recommend this bag because it will serve you for a lifetime if taken care of properly. All through your hunting carrier, you must need a hunting backpack. Rather you buy 2 or 3 hunting backpacks, why not the one that can compete with 2 or 3? It even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Key Features:

Carries a bow or rifle.

Pistol holder on the hip belt.

Heavy-duty fabric with The T-6 aircraft aluminum frame.

Built-In Blaze-Orange Meat Shelf.

2250 cubic inches of carrying capacity including 8 spacious pockets.

Basic Product Information:

Brand                    :               Badlands

Model                   :               2200 Hunting Backpack

Material               :               KXO-50 FABRIC

Color                     :               Camo pattern

Capacity               :               2250 cubic inches

  • It doesn’t only haul meat perfectly but also works as a fantastic day pack.
  • Wing pockets allow strapping almost anything outside of the pack.
  • The excellent weight distribution makes carrying a heavy load comfortably.
  • Compatible for a hydration bladder.
  • A very stable and convenient system for transporting your rifle, bow, or pistol.
  • It does not come with a rain cover.
  • You will have to buy the water bladder separately.
  • It’s a bit on the expensive side.

2-TENZING TX Voyager Bow Hunting Backpack

TENZING TX Voyager Hunting Packs

Backpack Description:

This bow hunting day pack is another major player in the outdoor adventure game because of its strength to accommodate hunter’s different needs. The backpack is produced by Tenzing brand that is known for its high quality and functional hunting packs. whereas, the Tenzing TX Voyager Hunting Packs is among them.

No offense, Voyager is a workhorse with its whopping 2,500 cubic inches of storage. In its 3pound lightweight design, The pack also contains almost 6 compartments to haul your all hunting gears.

Moreover, the durable bow hunting backpack is made with Ultra-soft and quiet tricot fabric, and the design includes a new high airflow trampoline suspension that allows the air to pass freely between your pack and back and keeps you cool while on the move.

Furthermore, the molded shoulder straps and detachable waist belt ensures exceptional fit and comfort. Also, there are adjustable sternum straps and Four lateral compression straps secure loads with superior durability no matter the amount of gear.

The backpack comes with very handy features like it has many internal organizational pockets made with nylon to hold your stuff. similarly, It is not very large as others but can still do almost everything you need. Because of its regular size, It can also be utilized as womens hunting backpacks for lady hunters.

Key Features:

Soft and quiet tricot fabric.

Padded shoulder harness with adjustable sternum straps.

High airflow trampoline suspension for air ventilation.

6 Capacious compartments with 3 organizational pockets.

Four lateral compression straps secure the load.

Basic Product Information:

Brand                    :               TENZING

Model                   :               TX Voyager Backpack

Material               :               Soft and quiet tricot fabric.

Capacity               :               2500 cu. in.

Weight                 :               3 lbs.

  • Detachable waist belt.
  • Internal organizational pockets.
  • Yellow-coded zippers on the main compartment.
  • Includes side mesh pockets and hydration port.
  • Hypalon-reinforced stress points.
  • The backpack is not waterproof.
  • The hydration bladder is not included with the pack.

3-ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber bow hunting day pack

Backpack Description:

The Dark Timber hunting backpack is a great choice for outdoor trips or hunting when comfort and durability are a must. This hunting hiking backpack is constructed in a way to ensure durability and comfortability.

ALPS OutdoorZ brand is dedicated to making some of the best hunting gears and equipment whereas this backpack hunting gear is among the part of their auspicious lineup. Its lightweight material is strong enough to carry plenty of valuable items.

The backpack has a polyester construction and available in multiple pattern options such as Edge Camo and Brushed Mossy Oak Break-Up Country. It also has a hydration pocket that makes it H2O compatible.

Moreover, the bow hunting day pack allows you to accommodate lots of gears in its various capacious compartments. As it comes with a huge main compartment and front accessory pocket to organize your stuff well. And another lower storage pocket can haul your small yet quick-grab tools or supplies.

To ensure comfort when carrying loads, it comes with a waist belt and shoulder straps that are both well padded for maximum comfort. In addition, side compression straps evenly distribute the weight helps in making heavy loads easier and more comfortable to carry.

This hunting backpacks with bow holder has nothing that you won’t like about it. It even has a side mesh pockets that can be utilized as a water bottle holder and bartacked webbing on the front that has many attachment points for lashing additional gears.

Key Features:

Huge Main pocket, lower storage pocket and large front accessory pocket.

Side compression straps and sternum strap can be adjusted accordingly.

Well padded waistbelt and shoulder straps.

Bartacked webbing at the front creates extra attachment points.

A hydration port make the pack H2O compatible.

Basic Product Information:

Brand                    :               ALPS OutdoorZ

Model                   :               Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack

Material               :               Polyester

Color                     :               Edge Camo & Brushed Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

Capacity               :               2285 cubic inches

  • Lightweight and compact with a weight of only 2285 cubic inches.
  • Lashing straps can strap your large gear outside.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • Ideal for people of different body sizes and thanks to sternum straps.
  • Highly resistant to the harsh outdoor environment.
  • Not suitable to carry a bow or rifle.
  • Side mesh pockets are not very strong.
  • It is only water-resistant to a certain level.

4-ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Backpacks With Gun and Bow Holder

Hunting Backpacks With Gun and Bow Holder

Backpack Description:

The Traverse EPS(Expandable Pack Section) is introduced by a well-known brand ALPS OutdoorZ. The pack is excellent for its strength to facilitate hunters for their different needs. It can be utilized for holding essential needs in the beginning and later change to a meat hauling backpack.

The versatile backpack is made of tough tubular aluminum fabric which is very lightweight and has a unique H frame design. Its high degree of quality material can last long and is able to bear any scratch or tough situation while on the field.

The Traverse comes with a whole 4500 cubic inches of capacity which is well organized and there is a zippered separate expandable Pack section(EPS) that solely has the 1, 200 cubic inches of capacity, great for hauling meat. Whether it is hours longer or a day-long trip, its capacious storages can surely fit your needs and allow you to carry something extra if needed.

It has a large main compartment,  an internal pocket designed to secure your gear from external damage, a side pocket, and 2 front wing pockets. And to attach even more gear, there are side compression straps.

In terms of hunting essentials, ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS can easily carry a bow or a gun and keeps it secure in its two front wing pockets. Its bow attachment section is cleverly designed so you can move naturally without having to worry about the bow hitting your body.

Furthermore, the backpack bow holder features padded yet adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt that includes two easy-access pockets plus, clip-style holster compatible waist belt that will make the perfect combination for carrying heavy loads comfortably.

Key Features:

Lightweight yet Long-lasting fabric built.

Well organized multiple pockets.

The expandable pack section offers an additional 1,200 in, designed for packing out meat or other gear.

Shoulder straps, a waist belt, and back panel all are well-padded for extra comfort.

It comes with a rain cover.

Basic Product Information:

Brand                    :               ALPS OutdoorZ

Model                   :               Traverse EPS

Material               :               Tubular aluminum

Color                     :               Realtree Excape & Realtree Edge

Capacity               :               4500 cubic inches

  • The spacious main compartment gives you enough room to store many essential items.
  • Features an alterable torso to fit nearly any body size, small or large.
  • It is capable of holding a hundred-ounce water bladder.
  • Great system to carry a bow or gun.
  • Heavily padded waist belt.
  • It is not water-resistant.
  • Shoulder straps are a little narrow and less padded.
  • The gun or bow holster often doesn’t hold them very tightly or securely.

5-Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack

Badlands Diablo Dos, hunting backpack for bow

Backpack Description:

Whether you hunt with a bow or a gun the ultimate Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack is one of the safest choices out there. With its capacious huge carrying capacity and sturdy yet well-designed construction, it checks all the boxes and is not going to disappoint you.

The internal frame hunting pack is built by focusing on comfort and durability. It can carry a load of almost 40pounds without making you uncomfortable and also compatible with any hydration bladder for up to a three-liter or 0.8 gallons.

Badlands comes with a Hypervent suspension that pulls your pack away from your back for a constant flow of cooling air and keeps you cooler, dryer, and more comfortable even in the most extreme environments.

Also, it has a detachable Bow or Rifle boot that securely holds your rifle or bow, and the batwing compression straps on the back give you lots of options for hauling gear. Most hunters use this pack as a deer hunting backpack.

In terms of carrying, whole it contains a  total volume of 2100 cubic inches and distributed as a total of 7 compartments. where a huge main compartment is spacious enough to store almost 70% of your large stuff. Since, for your smaller items, you can take advantage of your roomy side pockets by keeping some knives or flashlights, etc.

Moreover, this waterproof hunting backpack is made with tough KXO-32 fabric that is incredibly quiet, and lightweight, too. And the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) feature keeps your gear dry, long, and doesn’t let the moisture seep into fabrics.

Whether for deer hunting or any other type of shooting the Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack will let you take all the necessary gears with you without harming your shoulders and back when filled with stuff.

Basic Product Information:

T-6 Aircraft Aluminum Frame and KXO-32 Fabric.

Built-in boot for holding Rifle or Bow.

Extremely lightweight and durable.

2100 cubic inches carrying capacity consists of 7 compartments.

Hydration compatible for up to a three-liter or 0.8 gallons.


Brand                    :               Badlands

Model                   :               Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack

Material               :               KXO-32 Fabric

Color                     :               Approach & Approach FX

Capacity               :               2100 cubic inches

  • Easily accessible pockets.
  • Dirt, Blood, and waterproof.
  • It can pretty comfortably carry up to about 30+ lbs.
  • The built-in frame helps a lot in distributing the weight well.
  • Ventilated structure and breathable fabrics.
  • High-priced.
  • Lack of storage for some hunters.

6-ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X bow hunting backpack

Backpack Description:

The ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X is a huge hunting backpack built for multi-day backcountry hunters. It’s a complete system with multiple packs that lets you haul all of your gear and any meat you earn in its roomy storage.

It’s made from 1,690D ballistic nylon and Robic nylon for maximum, strength though its lightweight construction will go the distance. The combination of an internal frame includes a detachable 4000 cubic inches space that is able enough to pack in gear to a spike camp and haul out meat when done with the task.

It also features a bow and gun holder, where a tall 36-inch axle-to-axle bow can easily and safely be secured. It can quickly be tucked away into the bottom when not in use. whereas, the compression straps help to secure the pack to the frame.

This featuristic backpack comes with lots of organizational space that could be the must-have thing for a backcountry hunt. Where An adjustable top pocket could be easily removed and converted to a fanny pack. In addition, the front bag could be used as a stalking pack for storing extra cells, knife, flashlight, etc.

And finally, the pack can easily be detached from the frame for easy transportation of meat. It also has side pockets, heavy-duty zippers, a gun drop-down pocket, and a fleece-lined spotting-scope pocket.

Talking about its comfortability, hunting backpacks with rifle holder comes with  Lycra soft-edge shoulder straps and an adjustable torso for a comfortable fit. In addition, the Waist belt includes pockets and is being attached with clip-style holsters.

Key Features:

1680D Nylon Ballistic and Robic™ Nylon Fabrics construction for maximum strength.

Incorporates a rain cover.

Drop-down pocket for Rifle and Bow.

The top pocket can be converted to a fanny pack.

Improved waist belt includes pockets, anti-sway straps, and accommodates clip-style holsters.

Basic Product Information:

Brand                    :               ALPS OutdoorZ

Model                   :               Extreme Commander X

Material               :               nylon Ballistic and robin nylon fabrics

Color                     :               Coyote Brown

Capacity               :               66L/4000 cubic inches

  • Large easy-access opening.
  • Horizontal Internal divider.
  • Removable front pocket for hauling extra gear.
  • Hydration port and pocket.
  • Super comfortable with tons of room and able to haul a ton of weight.
  • No camo options.
  • Lack of rain cover.

7-ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack

Backpack Description:

The ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack is the most modular pack that expands from a waist belt into a full backpack for carrying all versatility. It carries Unique two packs in one design that can be utilized as both, where the fanny pack expands into a day pack.

This model by ALPS OutdoorZ is among the lightest choices in the line the comes with a weight of just 2 pounds and five ounces. However, its lightweight feature doesn’t make it small and less capacious. It offers you 2,700 cubic inches (or 44 liters) of storage capacity.

This bow hunting backpack is intelligently designed with 2,700 cubic inches of holding capacity which is nicely divided. Where an expandable daypack section offers 1,900 cubic inches of storage If you’re going on a short trek.

Whereas, the rear-facing fanny pack offers 800 cubic inches of storage space, consists of a huge main compartment, a front pocket, and 2 side pockets to organize your gear.

Furthermore, with so many uses and options, it also comes with a shoulder harness system and padded yet removable waist belt that distributes the weight, two quick-access pockets on the waist belt to keep your gears closer.

Also, It securely holds your Bow and Once you’ve gotten your prey it can be switched into the hauling mode as you need to store your meat. There are some accessory pockets like a turkey call pocket and binocular pocket that can be attached or detached when needed.

Key Features:

Detachable Compartments.

Adjustable shoulder harness.

A fanny pack with a carrying capacity of 800 cubic inches.

A daypack with 1900 cubic inches of carrying capacity.

The well-padded waist belt and some additional accessory pockets.

Basic Product Information:

Brand                    :               ALPS OutdoorZ

Model                   :               Big Bear Hunting Day Pack

Color                     :               Realtree Edge

Capacity               :               2700 cubic inches

  • Multiple pockets and compartments.
  • Adequate space for multi-day hunting trips.
  • The modular design will allow you to customize your hunting trips.
  • The Fanny pack has gear loops and expands into a day pack.
  • Compatible with all other ALPS extensions.
  • Water-resistant but can’t bear the heavy downpour.
  • Stitching issue.
  • Tight water bottle pockets.
  • Small zippers for large hands or if you are wearing gloves.

8-Vision hunting backpacks with bow holder

Vision hunting backpacks with bow holder

Backpack Description:

This vision hunting backpack is introduced by Insights Hunting. The hunting pack is great for long hikes that never let you run out of space for your day’s hunting gear. With its plenty of pockets and pouches, you can take advantage of it by storing everything from Bows, binoculars, rangefinders, water, arrows, clothing, and more in this versatile backpack.

However, the hunting hiking backpack is manufactured with durable quiet tricot fabric for heavy-duty outdoor utilization and is patterned with detailed Realtree edge camo texture. Also, its waterproof and weatherproof material shields your gear while on the field or in frigid weather.

This bow hunting day pack replaces the MWP Bow Pack, offering a large hunting weapon compartment that can conveniently fit the longest parallel limb bows, quivers, arrows, optics, and electronics. Similarly, both internal and external pockets and compartments keep your gear organized and easy to reach.

Since the backpack is designed for hauling weapons and hunting gears so it should be comfortable. Therefore, the vision hunting backpack features a cool mesh padded back panel, shoulder straps, and hideaway hip belt that evenly distributes the weight and let you experience the comfortable commute.

The vision backpack bow holder also features Tree Stand Shelf (TS3) front panel that allows bow hunters to use the front pocket in three different modes: basket, shelf, and storage.

The Versatile yet all-around hunting backpack keeps you always ready to hunt with easy access to gears.

Key Features:

Wider main compartment conveniently holds your large bows, quiver, arrows, and so on.

Features tree stand shelf (TS3) front panel system.

Waterproof and weatherproof construction.

Cool mesh padded back panel, shoulder straps, and hideaway hip belt evenly distributed weight.

Both internal and external pockets and compartments keep your gear organized

Basic Product Information:

Brand                    :               Insights Hunting

Model                   :               Vision hunting backpack

Material               :               Quiet tricot fabric

Color                     :               Realtree edge camo

  • Its great design lets this pack wrap around the tree.
  • Sensible bow-specific design.
  • Great value for money.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Plenty of storage for your gears.
  • A little bit on the bulky side for some users.

9-TENZING Hangtime Hunting Day Pack

TENZING Hangtime Hunting Day Pack

Backpack Description:

Tenzing is known for manufacturing well-built hunting gears. Whereas, the line of hunting packs by Tenzing is specially designed for hunters. And the addition of the new Hangtime Backpack and Hangtime Lumbar Pack just extended the line.

The Hangtime hunting Day Pack is built with quiet yet ultra-soft fabric and is particularly designed for tree stand hunting that ensures hunters quick, quiet access to gears.

The bow hunting backpack features a Unique EVA-molded shell that holds its shape for simplified, accurate use in the field and is uniquely designed for bow hangers with a Fold-out bow and gun carrying boot.

Furthermore, this hunting day pack contains 1,600 cubic inches of total space where the H2O compatible port at top of the pack is for a water bladder. And the main compartment carries 750 cubic inches of storage capacity, consists of six specialized storage compartments for an array of accessories that allows one-handed easy access through the front or top.

Besides, a fold-down face compartment highlights five pockets, from game call pockets to specialized optics, quiver attachment points, and a removable bow carrier the hangtime backpack has everything you demand from the Best Hunting Backpacks with Bow Holder.

Further, the pack also features a variety of specialized pockets and external attachment points for extra gears. And to comfortably carry those gears, the air-cooled shoulder straps plus Chest, and hip compression straps provide a custom, comfortable fit.

Key Features:

EVA-molded large main compartment allows top and front-load access.

External MOLLE webbing straps and attachment points for extra gears.

Fold-out bow and gun carrying boot and Removable, ambidextrous bow carrier

7 compartments with 15 organizational pockets.

For right or left-handed use, there are two quiver attachment points.

Basic Product Information:

Brand                    :               Tenzing

Model                   :               Hangtime Day Pack

Material               :               Quiet yet ultra-soft fabric

Color                     :               Mossy Oak Bottomlands

Capacity               :               1600 cubic inches

  • Easy organization of gears.
  • Frim structure.
  • Compatible for tree stand hunting.
  • Water bladder port at the top.
  • Hip and chest compression straps
  • It feels bulky when carrying it.
  • Rigid.

10-The Sitka mountain hauler 4000 bow hunting backpack

Sitka Mountain Hauler 4000 Framed Expandable Hunting Pack

Backpack Description:

The Sitka mountain hauler 4000 is among the huge frame hunting backpacks provides a great storage solution, especially for mountain conditions. The Mountain 4000 Pack is designed with the intention to get you the most of your backpacking adventures strongly.

The backpacks for hunting is manufactured in the USA and is crafted with 450-Denier Coated Polyester.  The pack holds the total max volume of 4500 cubic inches, where 3700 cubic inches of non-expanded space exists for ease of movement while hiking. Also, it has the ability to expand to an additional 800 cubic inches when you need some extra space.

In terms of its carrying capability, the harness system and triple-density hip belt both are very well cushioned which provides exceptional comfort and a thick lumbar pad makes the pack easy to carry for a long. While Velcro on the waist belt holds most pistol holsters, bear spray, and other hunting accessories.

The pack also features a T-6 6061 aluminum frame with an adjustable suspension system the permits you to carry loads upwards of 150 lbs. It also has two vertical exterior pockets that accommodate tent poles, spotting scope, trekking poles, or a Flash Shelter. Plus, side pockets can house tripods or water bottles.

The Sitka Mountain Hauler completes the mountain hike and big game hunts, provides huge capacious compartments for day hunts or overnight stays when you need to carry meat and horns out of the field simultaneously.

Key Features:

The main pack volume extends from 2750 to 3700 Cubic Inches.

6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum frame can carry loads upwards of 150 lbs.

Two Vertical Exterior Pockets hold most tent poles, Flash Shelter, or spotting scopes.

Internal hydration sleeve accommodates bladders in excess of 3 liters.

The molded, reinforced Velcro hip belt and shoulder bands provides maximum comfort.

Basic Product Information:

Brand                    :               Sitka Gear

Model                   :               Mountain Hauler 4000

Material               :               450-Denier Coated Polyester

Color                     :               Subalpine & open country

Capacity               :               4500 cubic inches

  • Great load-hauling capability.
  • User-friendly U-shaped zippers.
  • Adjustable suspension.
  • Long-lasting water repellent finish.
  • Excellent weight distribution system.
  • The bag can not be separated from the frame.

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