Twitter Welcomes Senior NBCUniversal Executive, Joe Benarroch, as Elon Musk Continues to Revamp Leadership

Benarroch to Focus on Business Operations as Twitter Undergoes Transformative Changes

Joe Benarroch will focus on business operations at Twitter pic : LINKEDIN

In another strategic move, Twitter has successfully recruited Joe Benarroch, a senior executive from NBCUniversal, as part of Elon Musk’s ongoing efforts to reshape the leadership team of the social media platform.

Starting his role on Monday, Benarroch will primarily concentrate on business operations, bringing his extensive experience to enhance Twitter’s performance and growth.

This announcement comes less than a month after Linda Yaccarino, formerly head of advertising at NBCUniversal, was appointed as Twitter’s new chief executive. Yaccarino will assume the position currently held by Musk, who remains closely involved with the company.

Benarroch has already updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect his new position at Twitter’s New York office. Excited about the opportunity, he shared an announcement stating, “I am looking forward to bringing my experience to Twitter, and to working with the entire team to build Twitter 2.0 together.”

On Twitter, Yaccarino warmly welcomed Benarroch, tweeting, “Welcome to the flock @benarroch_joe! From one bird to the next.”

In his previous role, Benarroch served as the executive vice president for communications, advertising, and partnerships at NBCUniversal. Prior to that, he gained experience working at the social media giant, Facebook.

Coinciding with this appointment, news broke last week that Ella Irwin, Twitter’s second head of trust and safety under Elon Musk’s ownership, had resigned. Irwin had assumed the position following the departure of Yoel Roth in November 2022, shortly after Musk’s acquisition of the company.

The head of trust and safety plays a crucial role in content moderation, a topic that has gained significant attention since Musk’s takeover. The reason behind Irwin’s resignation remains unclear, but it occurred shortly after Musk publicly criticized a content moderation decision made on Twitter.

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Since acquiring Twitter for $44 billion (£35.4 billion), Elon Musk has faced pressure to appoint new leadership and refocus his attention on his other ventures, including electric car manufacturer Tesla and aerospace company SpaceX.

Last month, Musk named Linda Yaccarino as Twitter’s new chief executive, with her tenure set to begin in six weeks. Yaccarino will oversee the platform’s business operations, aiming to address its financial challenges.

While Musk will retain his involvement in the platform as executive chairman and chief technology officer, these recent developments indicate his commitment to bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to guide Twitter’s transformation.

As Twitter undergoes these significant leadership changes, the social media landscape eagerly awaits the impact of Benarroch’s appointment and the collective efforts to revitalize the platform’s growth and profitability.


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