Danny Masterson ‘Turned to the Dark Side’ after fame says Stepdad Joe Reaiche


Danny Masterson ‘Turned to the Dark Side’ after fame says Stepdad Joe Reaiche

Danny Masterson’s ex stepdad Joe Reaiche talked about his stepson’s upbringing and how the glory of fame changed him.

He opens up about how Masterson is not the same “good kid” he once knew.

“He changed after he had the hit show That ‘70s Show in 1998. That’s definitely true,” Reaiche, said in September, as per US. “Because now he’s making money. Now he’s … famous.”

Between 1985 to 1995, the former Australian rugby star was married to Carol Masterson, Danny Masterson’s mother.

Reaiche said in retrospect that he “didn’t see that part of his hubris,” adding that celebrity changed Danny’s persona.

“So to see that, is it weird? On one side, yes,” Reaiche further said.

“But knowing Hollywood … promiscuity, women, drinking, drugs seems to be the norm. You just don’t want to get caught up into it.”

Using the expression “the dark side of Hollywood,” Reaiche claimed that Danny, now 47, “went down the wrong road.”

Despite consistently claiming his innocence, Danny was found guilty in May of two counts of rape that took place more than 20 years ago.

The jury in his Los Angeles trial was deadlocked on a third rape accusation from 2001. On September 7, the Ranch alum was given a sentence of thirty years in prison.

“I’m not here to bash the kid because I raised him. He was fine,” Reaiche highlighted, “What he did after the divorce and separation is another transaction in itself. I didn’t control that.”

Reaiche reminisced Masterson being “a good kid.”

He said, “[Danny] didn’t like school. He was an athlete. [He] had a great father.” However, Reaiche also admitted that, “He turned to the dark side for whatever stupid reason that he did.”

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